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All Things Travel

Today’s post will be All Things Travel. I LOVE traveling. My Grandmother instilled in me that when you travel is when you learn, so go out and about and learn a lot.

Sitting on the plane can get very uncomfortable. I always take a light jacket or wrap with me when I travel and I will fold it and place it in the back of the seat to give the seat a more “squared up” position. By doing this it tends to put me more upright in the seat and much less discomfort on the lower back and legs. When I have the privilege of getting upgraded (doesn’t happen as much as it use to), I take the little blankets they still give out and put two of those underneath me to make the seat more even.

I have a “go-to” stretch I always try to do when traveling where I cross one ankle over the other knee and while keeping an upright position I hinge forward. This is great for piriformis and upper hamstring musculature.

I am all for an adult beverage when flying but I do try to keep water with me at all times. I prefer Smart Water or Core because of their great pH. Staying hydrated while on the plane helps with the fatigue and discomfort during the trip.

Lets start with luggage. My favorite right now is Away luggage. They are an amazing company. They have four sizes and also have a cute kid size for the littles. The luggage itself is extremely light, which helps when trying to keep it under 50lbs and it has four wheels which helps for balance and ease in pulling. Because you can keep it directly at your side it is much better on the shoulder and wrist.

I use packing cubes every chance I have. I like the ones from container store by Eagle Creek. With the cubes I can get four days of clothing and shoes into my large Away carry-on.

My favorite carryon at the moment is by Paravel. I got it for Christmas last year from my sweet friend Kim. Paravel is an Italian company and their products are great because you can spill anything on them and it just wipes off. No stains. And very lightweight. I use the Weekender, which is very roomy and has special flaps that allow you to compress it if not needing all the room. There is also a strap that goes around your handle extension on your suitcase so you don’t have to carry it on your shoulder.

Pillows for the plane come in every size and shape you can imagine. I like the Snooztime Relaxation pillow. It is shaped like a bowtie, which allows a narrow part in the middle so it doesn’t push your head forward. The other one I like is the Evolution pillow by Cabeau. It is made of memory foam, which allows for some give in its shape. It also squished down to a very handy size, which makes it easy to take along.

Lululemon has a great backpack I use for quick trips when I have to take my ipad pro or laptop. It’s called the City Adventurer Backpack. It has great little pockets for everything, water, sunnies, phone.

Compression socks are a must for any long flight. Nothing is worse than getting to your destination and you can’t get your shoes on because your feet are swollen. Compression socks will also aid in the prevention of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). I like the Sockwell brand. They make fun colors and designs and are environmentally friendly.

In Fiore makes a great leg tonic that is great to use when you get where you’re going. It targets the unwanted effects of circulatory stagnation and swelling from sitting for an extended time.

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