Patience and attention to detail are what make

the difference in successful treatment.

Our office offers a wide variety of chiropractic and therapeutic services to patients of all ages and activity levels in a warm, comfortable, and friendly environment. A children's play area is provided for our young friends.


A few of the services we provide include:

-  Diversified Adjusting Technique

-  Interferential / Muscle-Stim Treatment

-  Hands - On Tissue Therapy

-  Stretches

-  Strengthening and Range of Motion Excercises

-  Manual Spinal & Extremity Manipulation
-  Soft Tissue Manipulation
-  Therapeutic Exercises
-  Therapeutic Modalities
-  Medical Massage
-  Pregnancy Massage
-  Sports Massage
-  Myofacial Release
-  Trigger Point Therapy
-  Passive Fascial Stretching
-  Proprioceptive Taping of Spine & Extremities
-  EPAT Shockwave Therapy


Fascial Stretch Therapy: We now offer Fascial Stretch Therapy. This is a type of assisted stretching thatis based in neuroscience and emerging new discoveries in fascia. FST targets the entire joint and joint capsule, using traction to lengthen the body and remove restrictions from movement to stimulate blood flow. FST improves mobility, prevents injuries, reduces pain, improves strength and optimizes athletic performance.

FST Expert: Kip Ledbetter: He is a graduate from Texas Tech University with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology. He served as a sports performance coach for 5 years at SMU. He worked at Equinox as a top trainer for high profile clients. He focused on Functional Training, Corrective Exercise and Body Recovery.

He will be at Highland Park Spine & Sports Medicine on Mondays from 2-7 and by appointment only.


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